A screenshot of the Learn2Park parking simulator for Android phones


A car parking simulator for the Android platform.

A screenshot of the Droid Attack game for Android phones

Droid Attack

A game where you use your droids to destroy the enemy defences in a reversal of the classic tower defence type games.

Patrick Haston

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This site contains a miscellaneous collection of resources and information for developers which I have accumulated over the years as a developer, team leader and development manager.


I hope you have some fun playing these games: I enjoyed writing them.

Oracle eBusiness Suite

I am not an expert on the whole eBusiness Suite (it is so big that I doubt anyone is) but I've learnt a few things through implementing interfaces that may prove helpful.

Oracle Portal and Web PL/SQL

I find Oracle Portal to be a very powerful tool when used in conjunction with web PL/SQL. It is not as fashionable as Application Express (sometimes called APEX) but I find it gives me great control over the output combined with excellent performance.

PL/SQL Utilities

You can find a small but growing collection of PL/SQL utilities that I have found useful. I hope you find them useful too.

Java, JSP and JDeveloper

I've been working on a few project using Java and other technologies. Some of these have been in my own time and are more for fun. We've been using JSP a lot recently, finding it very versatile.


I only started exploring Android in October 2010 and found it an interesting experience.

Objective Document Management

We have gained some experience in using the Java APIs to interface to Objective Corporation's electronic document and records management system.


I have used PHP to add some additional functionality to this site and built a couple of other sites using it.


I've been playing with JavaScript for a while now, experimenting with JQuery and AJAX. Here's some of the stuff I've been working on.

Strategic Approach

I believe I've put together a top class software development service for our organisation (well, I would, wouldn't I). We are a small team, completely customer focussed and hugely productive. Here's how we do it.